Transfer Market

The transfer market is where you can sell players you no longer require and recruit new blood into your team. The transfer process is like an auction, where rival managers bid amounts of money for a player until the transfer deadline expires. If a bid is placed within two minutes of the transfer deadline, the deadline is extended for a further two minutes, to allow bidding rivals the opportunity to place a countering bid.

Listing a Player

To sell a player, navigate to the player details page and click the Sell button. You have the option of specifying a reserve price, which is essentially the minimum amount of money you are prepared to accept for a player. Specifying a reserve price is optional. When you set a reserve price please try and make it realistic, otherwise you may find that no-one is willing to bid on your player.

A fee of $1,000 is charged whenever you place a player on the transfer market, regardless of whether the player attracts a bid and is sold. Once a player is listed, he will remain on the market for 72 hours, in which time rival managers can place bids.

If you have previously bought a player and want to relist him then you must wait 7 days before you can do so. Youth recruits can still be sold within 7 days if you so wish.

Transfer Settlement

If, once the transfer deadline has passed, a player has attracted one or more bids, the player is transferred immediately to the team of the highest bidder. The team receiving the player has the funds withdrawn from their account. Depending on how long a player was in the squad of the selling team, some or all of the proceeds are deposited into the seller's bank account. The amount deposited is calculated as follows:

  • if the player has spent his entire career in your squad, you receive all of the transfer proceeds.
  • if the player has spent at least 100 days in your squad, you will receive all of the transfer proceeds.
  • if the player has spent less than 100 days in your squad, you will receive 50 + (days/2)% of the proceeds. For example, if the player has been in your squad for 20 days you will receive 50+(20/2) = 60% of the proceeds.

Bidding on Your Own Players

Managers are allowed to bid on their own players. We understand that sometimes managers list a player and then decide they want to keep the transfer listed player.

However, some measures have been put in place to discourage the practice of managers attempting to create a phoney 'bidding war' by bidding on their own player to try and drive up the price.

  • Managers can bid on their own player, but they can only do so once. If you genuinely want to 'buy back' your player, make sure you bid your maximum bid, as you will have no further bidding opportunities. This mechanism has been put in place to give managers who genuinely mistakenly list a player the opportunity to buy them back.
  • If you bid on your own player and end up making the highest bid, the 'number of days in squad' counter is reset to zero. This means that if you immediately re-list and sell the player, you will only receive slightly more than 50% of the transfer proceeds (see the Transfer Settlement section above for further details).

Bidding on Friends/Workmates Players

If a computer or internet connection you use to login to the game is also likely to be used by another game user, please inform the admin team by sending a list of the user names sharing the computer.

We are quite happy for users to login using a shared computer, but any transfer activity between these teams will be deemed as cheating. You are not allowed to conduct transfers between teams that currently, or have in the past, shared a computer and/or internet connection.

Penalties for breaking this rule range from a significant fine to an account ban.

Bidding Agent

Pavilion members have access to a bidding agent who can be used to place bids on players on your behalf. This can be useful if you know you aren't going to be online at the time an auction is ending.

To instruct your bidding agent to monitor a transfer, specify the maximum amount you wish to bid for a player in the "Bidding Agent" section immediately below the "Bid For Player" section. Your bidding agent will make an opening bid (the minimum possible). If another manager makes a bid, your bidding agent will immediately make another bid as long as the bid amount is less than the maximum you specified. An example of the bidding process when using a bidding agent is listed below.

  • There is a player on the market you want to buy. The current high bid is $30,000.
  • You instruct your bidding agent to monitor the transfer and specify a maximum bid of $100,000.
  • Your bidding agent will immediately make a bid of $31,500
  • Later on, while you are offline, another manager places a bid of $50,000
  • Your bidding agent immediately makes a counter bid of $52,500
  • The other manager then makes a bid of $110,000
  • Your bidding agent does not make any further bids, because the highest bid has exceeded his maximum of $100,000

You can only employ your bidding agent to monitor one player at any time.

Transfer Adjustments

The From the Pavilion team monitor transactions on the transfer market, and reserve the right to cancel, adjust or reverse transfers. These actions are most commonly taken if it is deemed that a player was sold for an inflated price.

Managers are encouraged to contact the From the Pavilion team if they notice any actions on the transfer market they think might be suspicious.