Match Orders

The orders page is where you select your team and specify tactics for a match.

Suggested Lineup

For new players, setting match orders can seem quite tricky. If you like, you can ask your assistant to suggest a lineup for a match by clicking on the 'Suggest Lineup' button.

Your assistant will then select 5 batters, a wicketkeeper and 5 bowlers and will organise them in descending 'batting skill' order (ie the best batters will be listed at the top of the order, the worst will be at the bottom).

Your assistant selects a lineup based on skills alone and ignores variables such as the pitch type, weather for the match and any talents your players may have. They will also not consider youth players for selection in Senior OD and Twenty20 matches. Your assistant will try his best, but the players they picks will probably not be as good as the lineup an experienced manager might opt for.

As you gain experience, you can expect to select your own lineups more often without the aid of your assistant.

Alternatively, you can follow this link to search for a mentor to help you with various aspects of the game>Find a Mentor

Each aspect of the match orders page is described in further detail below.


The captain leads your team in the field and is primarily responsible for setting the correct fields and advising the bowlers with regards to bowling tactics. A capable captain can make a significant difference to the performance of your team.

As a general rule, select the player in your lineup with the highest captaincy and experience.


The player selected will be your wicketkeeper. Please note that the wicketkeeper cannot bowl.


Indicates whether you will call heads or tails at the toss, and whether upon winning the toss you will bat or bowl first.

Save as default:

Ticking this checkbox will cause the current match orders to be used by default for any future matches where specific orders have not been specified.
Note: You can specify default orders for each match type (e.g. you can have a separate set of match orders for 50 overs a side matches and the Twenty20 matches.

Suggest Lineup:

Your assistant will suggest a lineup for the match. Further details can be found in the "Suggested Lineup" section above

Save Lineup:

Save the current match orders and use them for the match.


The lineup section is where you:

  • Select the 11 players who will participate in the match, in batting order.
  • Set batting and bowling tactics for each player. To set batting or bowling tactics, click on the coloured buttons to toggle between N (normal), D (defensive) and A (aggressive) orders.
  • Select 5 bowlers and their bowling position.

Batting Tactics

Defensive: The batter will take fewer risks when batting. Generally they will score runs at a slower rate, but is more likely to bat for a longer period of time
Aggressive: The batter will try to score at a faster rate than normal, also making it more likely they will take one too many risks and get out earlier than normal.
Normal: The batter will try and strike a balance between attack and defence.

Bowling Tactics

Defensive: The bowler will try and keep things tight and restrict the run rate as much as possible. They will be more likely to set defensive fields and is usually less likely to take wickets.
Aggressive: The bowler will focus on taking more wickets, often at the expense of keeping the run rate down. They will be more likely to set attacking fields with fielders in catching, as opposed to run saving positions.
Normal: The bowler will attempt to strike a balance between attack and defence.

Bowling Spells

Each game is separated into bowling spells of Various length.

When allocating bowling spells to bowlers, keep in mind that a bowler cannot bowl consecutive overs. For example, when allocating bowling spells for a Senior OD match, you cannot allocate spell #1 (overs 1,3,5,7,9) and spell #2 (overs 2,4,6,8,10) to the same player.

Bowling spells have a minimum spell of 2 overs in Senior & Youth One Day matches and a minimum of 1 over in Senior & Youth T20 matches.

Sticky Orders

You may notice that when you select a player for a position and they are already selected in another position, his batting tactics, bowling tactics and bowling spell details are 'swapped' with those of the player they are replacing in the lineup.

While most users might enojoy this feature, some may find it confusing. You can turn off 'sticky orders' via Office -> My Profile.