Signing Up

Applying to manage a team in From the Pavilion is a fairly simple process.


You can apply for a team by clicking on the "Register" link above, or by clicking here. Please ensure that you provide real and accurate information when applying for a team.

If you have been introduced to the game by a friend or work colleague and it is possible you will be accessing the game from the same computer or internet connection, be sure to inform the admin team of the situation via the Help -> Contact Admin Team link.


When you have completed your registration, you will be sent an email asking you to activate your registration.

This email is usually sent instantly. If you do not receive your activation email, please check your email spam settings to ensure that the activation email has not been blocked.

Team Allocation

After you have activated your team and your registration has been approved by the From the Pavilion staff, you are placed on the waiting list of the country in which you chose to play. Usually there are places available and you are able to start almost immediately.

When you have been allocated a place you will be sent an email. If you don't receive it please check you junk mail in case it wen there.

Losing your Team

There are a number of activities that can cause you to lose your team and be banned temporarily or permanently from the game. These activities include, but are not limited to:

  • Failing to login for a period of 50 days. If this happens, your team will be deactivated and re-allocated to a new user (if you have paid for Pavilion Membership your team will not be made inactive until after your membership expires).
  • Running multiple teams. Each manager can have only one team. If multiple people want to use the same computer (or same internet connection) to play the game, please use the Contact Us form to inform the From the Pavilion team.
  • Conducting transfers between teams that share the same internet connection (in these circumstances it is practically impossible for the admins to know the difference between an innocent transfer between two unrelated teams and one conducted between two teams that have been setup by the same person for the purposes of cheating).
  • Sharing your username and password
  • Attempting to login using another person's login details
  • Transfer market price fixing
  • Abusive language towards other players