From the Pavilion is an online tactical cricket management game that is completely free to play.

You make the critical decisions that will ultimately affect the success of your club. You are in control, selecting players for each match, assigning batting and bowling orders, supervising training programs, upgrading your stadium and wheeling and dealing on the transfer market.

Then, on match days, you then have the option of watching the action via live commentary. You are able to experience every wicket, run and near miss unfold.

All new players are encouraged to at least browse the game rules in order to gain maximum enjoyment from playing the game, so please read on :).

A wealth of information can also be found on our forums at

As well as this, there is an online FTP Discord community. Follow this link to generate an invite to the FTP Discord channel

When logging into the forums please specify the same user name and password you use to login to the game, it will be linked!