Pavilion Membership

From the Pavilion will always be completely free to play. Pavilion Membership is an entirely optional part of the game, designed to give managers a few extra features that make the game a little more fun. By purchasing Pavilion Membership you are helping to cover the costs involved in hosting the game and also provide for the development of new features.

Every manager is given one month of Pavilion Membership when they register. This gives everyone the opportunity to enjoy the features offered in the membership package before deciding whether to subscribe for a further 3 or 12 months.

Membership can be purchased via the 'Shop' link. You can purchase membership for yourself, or for another user.

Membership Features

No Advertising!!In-game ads are removed for Pavilion members
AssociationsAssociations are private organisations that are intended to add an extra element of enjoyment to the game.

Associations are places where like minded people, or people who enjoy a common interest, can congregate. Each association has a corresponding private forum where association members can get together and chat privately.
BookmarksOrganise links to players, teams, leagues and matches on a single page for ease of access.
Around the GroundsTrack the current score of multiple matches in summary form when viewing the live commentary or scorecard of your match
Graphs/ChartsGenerate career batting and bowling graphs for your players. View live worm and manhattan charts of your in-progress games.
Team LogoDisplay your own logo or crest on your team page.
Ground NamePersonalise your home ground by giving it a witty, catchy name :)
Supporters Club NameGive an official name to your die-hard supporters club.
Youth RecruitsThe ability to choose the nationality of your youth recruits.
Player Training HistoryAccess an entire history of all of your player skill and experience 'pops' whilst they have been in your squads.
Financial HistoryAccess an extended version of your financial information, not just details from the past fortnight.
Match OrdersView your match orders for games in progress.
CommentaryNon-members can only view commentary during the game and up to 24 hours after the game has finished. Members can view all commentary.
Manhattan ChartsGenerate live over-by-over charts tracking your innings progress.
Extended League StatsSee the top 30 players (instead of the top 10) on the league stats pages.
Transfer MarketAbility to search by talent, nationality, batting and bowling 'handedness' (ie left or right handed).
Trophy CabinetsA place to store and show-off your glorious silverware!
Transfer Market StatisticsDetailed stats regarding transfer market activity (eg most expensive purchase for the week).
Team RankingsAccess to the team rankings pages, ranked by overall, top order, middle order, lower order, fielding, seam bowling or spin bowling rating.
Load Previous LineupsWhen setting match orders, members can select from a list of recent matches and quickly load lineups from one of these matches.
Squad NumbersAllocate squad numbers to players in your team.
Player NotesStore notes for each player in a private diary.
RivalriesView comprehensive head to head statistics for matches played between your team and a selected opponent, or head to head stats between any two teams.
Player NamingAbility to name your players. Perhaps you might even want to name your new star allrounder after yourself! (Non members can purchase credits separately if they want to name their players).
Youth Recruitment HistoryView a complete listing of all youths recruited from your academy and enjoy some 'where are they now'? moments.
Team Training ReportSee all pops and plops recorded for your players skills in the past month, all on the one page.
Player RolesAssign each player a role (batter, bowler, allrounder, wicketkeeper) and then sort by the role column on the squad page.
Additional Friendly MatchesPavilion members are able to issue challenges for friendly matches on Wednesdays, Saturdays and Sundays. Non-members can only issue challenges for Sunday matches, but can accept any challenge issued by a Pavilion member.
Commentary FilteringThe commentary page contains links that allow you to view the various highlights of a particular match. For example you can see all wickets, boundaries, triggered talents or fielding events.
Bidding AgentGain access to a bidding agent, who can place bids for players on your behalf when you are offline.
League RankingsDisplays a list of leagues, ranked in order of difficulty. Are you in the league of death? :)
Hall of FameThe Hall of Fame is a place where Pavilion members can honour their past and present players, and keep a record of their players' careers long after they retire.
Match Commentary ReplaysWatch the entire match commentary at real time, or 'catch up' to the live action in accelerated speed. For example, if you login and your game is already underway, you can watch the commentary from the start of the match at an accelerated speed until you catch up.
Saved Transfer SearchesSave commonly used transfer search parameters so you can recall them on demand.
Download Squad DetailsDownload your squad details in TXT or XML format (for easy importing into a spreadsheet).