Affiliate Teams

An affiliate team is a second team you are allowed to run that is directly linked to your account, but otherwise completely separate to your main team (ie it has its own players and its own bank balance). If you would like to start up an affiliate team, click on the "Create Affiliate Team" link on your Club page.

What rules/restrictions are enforced?

  • The affiliate team must be created in a different country to your main team.
  • You cannot transfer players between your main team and your affiliate team.

How much does it cost?

  • You must be a Pavilion member in order to create or extend an affiliate team.
  • It costs 100 credits per year to manage an affiliate team.

What happens to my affiliate team if my Pavilion membership expires?

  • Although you need to be a Pavilion member to create an affiliate team, you do not lose your affiliate team should your Pavilion membership expire.
  • You will however lose your affiliate team if you dont extend its life after 12 months by paying an additional 100 credits (keep in mind that 12 months Pavilion membership also gives you 100 credits).

Where do I go to extend my affiliate team by another 12 months?

Go to your Manager page and click on the "Extend" button on the right hand side of the page. Keep in mind that you need to be a Pavilion member to extend the life of your affiliate team.

Other Info

  • You cannot turn your affiliate team into your main team.
  • You are allowed to organise friendly matches between your main and affiliate teams.
  • You can quickly switch between managing your main and affiliate teams via the 'a' and 'm' buttons in the shortcut bar at the top right of the screen.
  • Your affiliate team will have a separate set of bookmarks to your main team.
  • Your main team and affiliate team receive separate 'you have been challenged', 'you have been outbid', 'you have been invited to a friendly comp' messages.
  • Your affiliate team has a separate transfer agent and talent scout to your main team.