International Matches

Each of the 18 countries represented in the game has a senior and U20 squad, containing the very best talent available from their respective countries. National managers are elected and hold their position for two seasons - their tenure ending after participating in the respective One Day World Cup. Players aged 20 and under are eligible for selection in the U-20 squad. All other players are eligible for the senior national teams.

On top of the domestic league and cup competitions sits an international schedule. Each season, every national team competes in three one week leagues.

To check the upcoming fixtures for your country, go to the Country -> National Team and Country -> U-20 Team pages.

Player Availability and Compensation

If one of your players is selected for an international tour, he will be unavailable for selection in league matches from Monday to Friday during the week of the tour (he will still be available for friendly matches).

Players do however receive a decent amount of experience for being involved in an international tour (more than if they stayed with their club and played domestic matches). If one or more of your players are selected for an international tour, you will be informed via an in-game message at least 8 days before the tour commences.

If you do not want your player selected, you can request the national manager not select your player, but national managers have final say regarding selections.

For each player selected to tour, the club will be paid the following compensation after the tour has completed.

  • Senior National player: $50,000
  • U20 National player: $20,000

International Calendar

International tours will be held during the following weeks of each season.

Tour Details
Week 5Senior Tour
Week 6U20 Tour
Week 8Senior Tour
Week 9U20 Tour
Week 11Senior Tour
Week 12U20 Tour

A T20 and 50 over world cup competition is held during each off season.

Fatigue during international matches

  • Fatigue incurred in club matches is separate to fatigue accrued on international duty.
  • When a player begins a tour or world cup, he starts with rested fatigue.
  • Players gain 'international' fatigue as normal during the course of a tour, and will recover some international fatigue daily.
  • While the tour progresses, the player's 'club fatigue' will drop each day as per standard daily fatigue updates. So, on a 6 day tour, the player will return to his club with 6 days of club fatigue recovery applied.

International Friendlies

National managers can play friendly matches each week on Wednesdays and Saturdays. As with club friendlies, these matches have no effect on player fatigue or experience. Additionally, there are no player availability issues created when a player is selected to play in an international friendly match.