Each week, your club incurs expenses and earns revenue from various activities. The major sources of revenue and expenses are listed below.


Revenue TypeDescription
Gate takings You earn gate takings from every match your team is involved in. In league matches, the home team takes 2/3 of gate takings revenue and the away team receives the remaining 1/3. In Matt Krevs Memorial Cup matches, gate takings are split 50/50.
Sponsorship Each week your sponsors kindly grant you an amount of money. Teams in higher divisions will receive more from sponsors than teams in lower divisions.
New teams receive an additional $50,000 sponsorship per week for their first four weeks in the game.
You will receive half the number relative to your division by match type at the start of each week.You will have to earn the other half by either winning the respective league game or rating above the min Match rating as listed below
Minimum Match Ratings
Player Sales (players with bids) The amount of money you will be receiving for any players you are selling on the transfer market where the deadline has not yet passed. Player Sales (completed) The amount of money you have received for any players you have sold this week. Prize money The position(s) attain in your league determine the amount of league prizemoney you are awarded at the end of the season. Progressing past the first round of the Matt Krevs Memorial Cup also earns you prizemoney.
Further details regarding prizemoney can be found here


Expense TypeDescription
Ground Maintenance Each seat in your stadium costs you $1 in weekly maintenance. Any money you spend during the week on ground expansion will also be listed here.
Player Wages Each week you must pay your senior and youth players their wages. Wages for players are set at the beginning of each season and are based on the skill levels of the player at the time. There is a minimum wage spend for both squads, $30,000 for seniors and $15,000 for youths. If either squad does not meet the minimum then you will be charged these values.
Academies The amount you invest in your academy is removed from your bank balance each week.
Player Purchases (you are highest bidder) Indicates the amount of money you have spent on players for which you currently have the highest bid.
Player Purchases (completed) Amount of money you have spent on completed player transfers for the week.


If a team goes into debt, they cannot bid for players on the transfer market until their balance becomes positive again. If you find yourself getting into debt, consider selling some players and/or downgrading your academies.

Your team will never be closed down for going into debt. However, if you are in debt at the financial update for two updates in a row, you are sent a warning message. If you are still in debt after four consecutive financial updates your highest wage player is placed on the transfer market in an effort to raise funds and resolve your debt problems. If you highest wage player is already transfer listed, your highest wage player not already listed on the market will be placed on the transfer market.

Finance Cap

if you bank balance exceeds $30,000,000 at the finance update then it will be capped at $30,000,000. If you go over during the week and spend some to get you back under the cap then your balance will reflect that at the end of the week.