Australian Community Cup #3

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Australian Community Cup #3

Post by Drewyface » Wed May 11, 2022 6:40 am

Welcome to the third instalment of the ACC!

Previously won on both occasions by Sunrise, in Season 44 and 49.

Teams based in Australia can select players of any Nationalities, invites have been sent to all Australian based teams already.

Teams based outside of Australia playing in other countries, can still participate but must have a minimum of 8 Players of Australian Nationality in their playing XI (all Australian Senior Mgmt invited to participate due to their commitment to the Australian National Team).

Who will end up Australian Community Champion, can optimist win it again?? ... ionId=6989

Thanks for your support of the Australian National team - please let me know if any questions and inbox me or post here if you I have missed you for an invitation.
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