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Season 52 U20 team

Posted: Sun Nov 13, 2022 9:52 am
by Madcarrot
Top of the morning to you!

Season 52 was quite a strong season for the Irish, with 3 out of 4 tours being reasonably successful.

One Day division 1
Really good tour in the West Indies on dry/slow/flat pitches.
We had wins against South Africa, Ireland, UAE and West Indies. But we lost in the final round to Australia who won the tour. So we finished 2nd.
Our success was largely due to our batting prowess, with Irish players Richard Daly, Ruriari Gibbon and Andrew McGoldrick taking the top 3 runs scored for the league.

T20 division 2
As host nation we decided to roll out dry/slow/crumbling as our pitch. However we struggled to get wins, we lost comprehensively to the UAE, got a win against Canada and then lost our games against South Africa, Sri Lanka and the West Indies. We finished in last place and relegated into div 3. However we only needed 1 win to qualify for the world cup and so we were able to secure our spot.

One Day division 1
This one was hosted by America and played in Australia on slow/green/crumbling.
It was a good tour for us as we got wins over the USA, UAE, Netherlands, and South Africa. We also got our highest ever win in Irish history, beating South Africa by a whopping 289 runs
Ultimately we finished 2nd to Australia again.

T20 world cup
We topped the table in our pool after beating Canada, Weat Indies and Scotland but lost to UAE in the semi finals. Ultimately Australia went on to win the world cup.

Good season overall, marred by a disappointing T20 season. But we came 2nd on div1 one day twice, and made the semi-finals of the T20 world cup.

I think we can be proud of that.

On behalf of the U20 management team we want to thank all those who have supported Ireland and been pulling Irish players. We hope to continue to make you proud and to bring continued success into season 53.