Ireland u-20s tours - season 58

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Ireland u-20s tours - season 58

Post by Morley » Sun May 26, 2024 6:31 pm

Welcome to our brave new world of taking the Irish back to the top, we will use this forum to keep you up to date on current tours and matches and hope you will join us on the journey.

We have used our collective knowledge of FTP, our experience and talent (mm..pair of eejits winging it you mean..editor) to put together a squad that we hope is capable of promoting and we thank all you managers for pulling and training the players that give us the opportunity of future success.

In reality we are short of quality batsmen and have had to use keeper/batsmen for the batting squad and in the bowling department spinners are scarce, fortunately the pitches have helped us out here.

So we start with the first tour in Pakistan and we look forward to you joining us for the 5AM starts if you are in the UK (definetly eejits..Ed.)

game 1 - Zimbabwe
game 2 - Scotland
game 3 - Kenya
game 4 - Pakistan
game 5 - Usa

All support welcome

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Re: Ireland u-20s tours - season 58

Post by voyeur » Mon May 27, 2024 7:02 am

Well, 240 is going to be a tough chase for the assorted batsmen and wicketkeepers descibed :o Good luck.
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Re: Ireland u-20s tours - season 58

Post by RonnieG » Mon May 27, 2024 11:15 am

Ireland won by one wicket.

Easy in the end :!:

We are a poor bowling side but today the batting saved our arses.

One to tomorrow and Morley to do his stuff.

No pressure :hug
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Re: Ireland u-20s tours - season 58

Post by Morley » Mon May 27, 2024 7:46 pm

Zimbabe 239 - 5 (50 overs) - Ireland 240 - 9 (49 overs

Well a win for the Irish boys thanks to a last ditch stand from the tailenders, the game game was close run wise all through though we lost wickets regularly leaving us chasing 41 off 8 overs with 8 down, it looked hopeless but a 30 run stand from Knape and Rackard took us to within distance only for Knape to fall on 14 leaving us 11 off 2 overs. With just the one wicket left it looked like the chase was in vain but then Rackard hits a massive six along with a couple of singles and with Kearns surviving 5 balls the game was won.

A good bowling effort defensively from Knape and Kearns gave us something to aim at and then batting wise Clarke and Brown gave as a base but the m/o/m award has to go to A/R Dylan Rackard scoring 49 and taking two wickets.

a good start to the tour but on the rankings we sit fourth and we need all the players to perform

Next up is Scotland tomorrow

All support welcome

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Re: Ireland u-20s tours - season 58

Post by Morley » Tue May 28, 2024 5:11 pm

game 2 - Ireland 250 -5 (50 overs) - Scotland 251 -9 (47 overs)

Well, the swings and roundabouts of cricket, after scraping home with the tailenders last match we got done in similar fashion by the Scottish their tailenders adding 34 after being 8wickets down.

A good start from the top order left us on 173 -3 after 38 overs thanks to two fifties from Clarke and Mcrea followed by a powerful last seven over fifty partnership from keeper Macdermott and A/R Rackard left us on 250 on the uneven track.

Scotland kept the run rate high throughout but were steadily losing wickets with the two fast bowlers Knape and Kearns both taking four apiece, it looked like they had done enough until the two tailenders came in and stole the show.

Some good shouts for the m/o/m award but think Knape just edges it with his figures of 10overs 1m 42/4 eco.4.20

So on to the next game against Kenya where both teams have played 2 won 1

all support welcome

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Re: Ireland u-20s tours - season 58

Post by Morley » Wed May 29, 2024 11:40 pm

Game 3 Kenya 290 -6 (50overs) - Ireland 291 -6 (49.5 overs)

Well yet another game that went down to the wire but on this occasion no tailenders were involved

The Kenyans started well on the green pitch and got to 141-2 after 30 overs, they continued to bat well but the Irish bowlers played well to contain the run rate with the opposition posting 200 -3 on 40 overs but they had the wickets in hand, they did not take the advantage and good bowling left them on 290 on the fifty.

Our makeshift batting line-up contained three keepers in the top four but they performed heroics taking us to the forty at 205 -1 just in front of the Kenyans run-rate thanks to a fifty from MacDermott and a magnificent century from McKinstry.

Delaney had joined the run chase adding another fifty and with five overs left we needed still needed 43 but had just lost McKinstry for 126, wickets fell as we chased but we got to the last over 285 -6 needing six runs, four singles followed and McCrea sealed the win with a well run two.

An absolute stand out for the M/O/M award as Keeper Mckinstry opened the batting and scored a magnificent 126 runs and took a catch

So another close game leaves us on two wins from three with highest rated Pakistan and lowest rated team Usa to come.

All support welcome

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Re: Ireland u-20s tours - season 58

Post by Morley » Thu May 30, 2024 8:10 pm

Game 4 Ireland 233 -6 (50 overs) - Pakistan 234 -7 (46.5 overs)

Well not the result we wanted as the Pakistani bowling attack dominated, playing on a uneven track the two fasties combined with the spinner to keep the run rate in control even as the openers Clarke and MacDermott combined to produce a 100 stand but the strike rate was down only reaching the century on over 26. After losing quick wickets the middle order upped the strike rate to get to 233 but it always looked short.

The Irish bowlers took the game to the opposition and had them 3 down after 13 overs and a shock win looked possible but the middle order batsmen took control and despite losing wickets steadily they stayed on top of the run rate, eventually reaching the target with 3 overs to spare.

Difficult M/O/M but will give joint award to Mcgrath for his 3/33 and MacDermott for his 78 in the opening stand.

We go into the last game in fourth on 8 points with the Americans, in 6th, to play but it looks like we need a favour from the Kenyans against Pakistan.

All support still welcome

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Re: Ireland u-20s tours - season 58

Post by Morley » Sat Jun 01, 2024 5:46 pm

Apologies for the delay

Game 5 USA 199 all out (48 overs) - Ireland 200 -5 (46 overs)

We headed into the last game needing a win to give us a chance of promotion and the team done us proud taking the win with ease.

The American openers started well with a fifty-opening partnership, the Irish attack hit back taking 3 wickets in 5 overs, the Usa stabilised and got to the drinks break at 85 -3. The break served the two fasties well as they then steamed in taking a wicket apiece in two overs leaving Usa on 85 -5, wickets continued to fall until the last man came in at 152 and him and the captain held on for a 47-run stand eventually falling for 199.

Ireland did not start well with McKinstry and Adair going cheaply but then a 67-run partnership from Clarke and Delaney took us to 97, Clarke then stayed and alongside MacDermott added another 83 leaving Ireland on 176 -4. Clarke then took us to the finish for the win by 5 wickets with 4 overs to spare.

All the bowlers played well with Knape and Crowe the standouts, but Clarke gets the M/O/M anchoring the batting with an unbeaten 83.

The team and the crowd celebrated but then the news came through of the results elsewhere and promotion was denied on the NRR.

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Re: Ireland u-20s tours - season 58

Post by Morley » Sat Jun 01, 2024 5:47 pm



Manus Clarke (kato xi) - 234
Bertie MacDermott (robs robots) - 165
Kenny McKinstry (cows) - 135

Bertie MacDermott -82 (3 games)
Manus Clarke -78 (4 games)
Naoise Macdermott-48 (1 game)
(mohun basan)


Andrew Knape (berkshire ccc) - 9
Aiden Mcgrath (locked on lads) - 7
Podriag Kearns (nevertheless) - 5
Jack Mcateer (friendly fiends) 5

Andrew Knape 19.56
Aiden Mcgrath - 27.0
Podriag Kearns -23.8

Andrew Knape - 4.40
Podriag Kearns - 4.41
Colm Crowe - 4.43
(the bengal tigers)

TOP KEEPER - Gerald Brown (marching on together) 1 catch + 1 stumping

TOP FIELDER - Oisin Delaney (friendly fiends) - 4 catches

A disappointing tour in that we did not promote but working with what we had there were more positives than negatives. The batting (with 4 keeper/batsmen in the 9) performed well and we did manage to take wickets from the bowling aspect. We started off rated fourth and finished fourth but competed well and gave ourselves a chance right up to the last match finishing on 12 points alongside 2 other teams only losing out on nrr. On looking back at the games, the Scotland game (who finished top) was the game that took it away from us as we were just one wicket away from winning, that would have left us top!!!

Well onwards and upwards

Again, a big thanks to all the managers who let us borrow your players and more thanks to those that support the Irish with the youth pulls because without you it would be pointless (literally).

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Re: Ireland u-20s tours - season 58

Post by Morley » Wed Jun 05, 2024 10:35 am


We are in the process of updating the squad for the upcoming T-20 tour, if you feel you have a player that may be suitable to add to the squad, please let us know.

We are playing on spin friendly pitches, so spinners are our prime concern

Thanks for all support

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Re: Ireland u-20s tours - season 58

Post by RonnieG » Wed Jun 05, 2024 3:42 pm

A big hand to Morley for making the effort to write up the tours, well done mate.
That took a lot of time and thought to put that all together.

And my guy was our best WK :hug

As has been noted we had a tricky week, ending with three wins and missing out on promotion on NRR. One game won by 1 wkt, one lost by 1 wkt... Small margins indeed.

Due to the ironies of FTP a country in D1 could have a week like that and be locked in for the WC, but it is what it is.

On to T20 now and truth be told this format holds little interest for me, and Morley will be taking the lead in selections the squad, which will be locked in this Sunday.

Onwards and upwards and all that, our door is always open and we are happy to talk about any concerns, questions and ideas you may have and promise to answer every message we recieve

Come on Ireland!
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Re: Ireland u-20s tours - season 58

Post by Morley » Sat Jun 15, 2024 9:40 pm


Game 1 v Sri Lanka (crumbling)
Game 2 v India (dry)
game 3 v Usa (dry)
Game 4 v Scotland (crumbling)
Game 5 v Bermuda (dry)

Games start at 5.30 from this Monday

Well the next tour rushes upon us and we hope you will all tune in to support our efforts at securing promotion.

As you can see the tour will depend on the spinners and how deep we can bat :think

Our thanks, as always, to the managers who let us borrow your players and we will try to do you proud

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Re: Ireland u-20s tours - season 58

Post by Morley » Tue Jun 18, 2024 12:10 am

Game 1 - Sri Lanka v Ireland on crumbling pitch with humid weather

Ireland 140 - 3 (20 overs) - Sri Lanka 141 - 3 (20 overs)

A gut-wrenching defeat as the game was lost on the last ball as Sri Lanka scored 21 off the last 2 overs

A decent start from the Irish batsmen got them to 71-2 (rr7.10) thanks to a 41 from Aaron Evans, he was joined by Joseph McCrea who added a 43 in a 73 partnership that lasted just short of the 20 posting a respectable 140.

Sri Lanka took up the run chase but were always slightly behind but kept their wickets intact leaving them on 60 from the 10, the two openers continued to the 15 with a 94-partnership leaving them on 97 -1. the fourth batter entered the arena and promptly took the game to the Irish bowlers scoring 24 off 15 balls and taking the game with the last ball.

The m/o/m award goes to Aaron Evans for his 73 off 58 balls (SR 126)

So, a disappointing start to the tour but we look to bounce back in the next game against India

all support welcome

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Re: Ireland u-20s tours - season 58

Post by Morley » Tue Jun 18, 2024 11:39 pm

game 2 - India v Ireland on a dry pitch in sunny weather

Ireland 150 -2 (20 overs) - India 114 -8 (20 overs)

Well, the boss man steps in and shows how it should be done with a brilliant win against the top-rated team.

We got to the 5 over mark at 36-2 at good run-rate of 7.20 but the Indian spinners then slowed the scoreboard leaving us on 59-2 on the 10 mark. Then Ben McDonnell and Joseph McCrea took total control with a magnificent 114 run partnership to take us to the end finishing on 150 with a run-rate of 7.50 with all four batters on the 100+ strike rate.

Now it was down to what our spinners could produce but before they got the chance fastie Aiden McGrath had a great two over spell taking two wickets for just four to set the tone. the Indian batsmen played well getting them to 69-4 on the 10mark, ahead on run-rate but they had lost another two wickets. This was as good as it got for the Indian side as our spinners started to dominate taking six wickets between them at the same time as slowing the run-rate to lead the side to a comprehensive win.

Difficult m/o/m as the whole team performed well McDonnell and McCrea 114 partnership and Daniel Kyle 3-30 and Anthony Becketts 2-21, the official fantasy points award went to Ben McDonnell but my opinion is (Ron aside for picking the side) is Aiden McGrath for the two early wickets and figures of 4-0-17-2 at 4.25

next up is the Usa and as usual all support is welcome

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Re: Ireland u-20s tours - season 58

Post by Morley » Thu Jun 20, 2024 6:37 pm

Unfortunately real life takes over will update as soon as able :(

game 3 Ireland v Usa on a dry pitch in sunny weather

A fantastic opening stand of 119 from Aaron Evans and Kenny McKinstry took us into the 15 over before Mckinstry fell for 51, Evans continued with new partner Ben McDonnell before falling in the last over for 83 off just 55balls. It left the Irish on 160-2 after the 20

The Irish attack then came into play but looked out of sorts as the Usa got to 70-0 on the 10 over, ahead of the run rate. The bowlers then got control taking one wicket apiece, thanks mainly to 3 catches and a stumping from keeper Gerald Brown, eventually winning the match by 13 runs

Ireland 160 -2 (20 overs) v Usa 147 -5 (20 overs)

Evans took the fantasy points m/o/m award but I am plumping for the ones who get no recognition and Gerald Brown gets my vote for the display with the gloves.

Game 4 Scotland v Ireland on a crumbling pitch with hot weather

We went into this game with our hopes pinned on our triad spin attack to make-up a 4k rating deficit and so it proved they were the aces in our hand. I could describe the game but will just show the figures and urge people to go and watch it.

5 overs Ireland 33-1 v 40-0
10 overs Ireland 54-1 v 75-3
15 overs Ireland 87-2 v 106-5
17 overs Ireland 106-2 v 119-6
18 overs Ireland 111-2 v 123-7

so, two overs to go the 3 spinners had taken 7 wickets between them but Scotland need just 12 from the two and three wickets still intact. Over 19, two 2s, a wide but another wicket leaves us with Scotland needing just 7 runs. The last over starts with a 2, then another 2, a dot ball, a quick single and they need 2 off 2, a dot ball then this.....

Beckett to Campbell : [runout] Oh no! Beckett and D. Jones have collided mid pitch! McGrath hasn't noticed and has thrown the stumps down! This could be controversial, but in the end D. Jones has to go! D. Jones run out (A. McGrath) 6 (6b 0x4 0x6) SR:100.00

IIreland 134-2 (20 overs) - Scotland 133-9 (20 overs)

A remarkable win leaves us top of the table with one to go.

Donal Mcpherson gets fantasy point award for his knock of 73 off 59 but spinner Antony Beckett nicks it for me with figures of 4-0-17-3 at 4.25.

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