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Post by Philly » Tue Sep 28, 2021 4:39 pm

So, it's full steam ahead for this season's PCC. Our perfectly formed team is:

USA Image
1. Philly_Bluenose(Philly) 240k+ Captain
2. Ruff Royals(Spark) 240k+
3. Philly All Blacks (Philly) 210k+
4. Marvellous XI 200k+
5. Ye Olde Tonkers (ryanshmiddy) 170k+
6. Wallsend(DougyD) 170k+
7. Frankston(Uliose) 150k+
8. Laverton(Uliose) 110k+

Sadly, we have no opponent in the first round of matches (scheduled for Week 4). I guess everyone was too scared of our awesomeness!

I'll chase you when it's time to arrange some games.
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