Youth All rounders for sale

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Re: Youth All rounders for sale

Post by maple » Thu Oct 07, 2021 6:48 am

16 yr old Av/Av A/R for sale. Deadline 8/10 @ 06:24
Current bid £1,000

Phoenix Church >> player 2412027
Player Info
16y3w | 26,723 rating | $866 wage

Right hand batsman | Left arm Medium

Talents Skilled (Power)
Nationality Canada
Form reasonable

Experience poor
Captaincy accomplished

Batting average Endurance average
Bowling average
Technique ordinary
Keeping poor Power ordinary
Fielding average

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Re: Youth All rounders for sale

Post by Shahzaday11 » Tue Oct 12, 2021 10:28 am

hahzaday11 >> Shahnawaz Asadullah >> Details
Player Info
16y1w | 23,779 rating | $769 wage (5% discount)

Right hand batsman | Right arm Finger spin

Talents Gifted (Bowling)
Nationality Pakistan Pakistan
Form reasonable
Fatigue rested
Experience poor
Captaincy capable
Skills Summary
Batsman ordinary
Bowler ordinary
Keeper ordinary
Allrounder ordinary

This player is for sale
Deadline: 14 Oct 21 05:13

Starting Price: 0

Player Wage if Transferred: $810

Batting ordinary Endurance poor
Bowling ordinary Technique ordinary
Keeping ordinary Power average
Fielding poor
Nat Manager Pak (S47)
Nat Assist Pak (S42-S46)
Winning Manager PSL LCF (S4,S6)

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