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Re: Windies Hall of Fame

Post by quirkilyalive » Mon Jan 10, 2022 8:38 pm

Was going through this thread and thought I'd add onto Maiden's old posts. Can't really edit them but here goes:

Maddog40- Season 49 YT20 Tour
Season 48:
OD - Caterham Crusaders (Bustergut)
T20 - Mohito's Mohican XI (aarong)
Youth - The Tourists (Paul0774)
YT20 - The Tourists (Paul0774)
Season 49:
OD - The Sultans of Spooge (Atko)
T20 - Mohito's Mohican XI (aarong)
Youth - Tobago Saucers (JonoHeaps)
YT20 - Easier Said Than Run (Bamb)
Also, I don't know if this goes in HOF, but two players in the current West Indies Seniors setup in Thornton Ishmael and Peter Griffin are tied amongst other legends on 29 wickets in the shorter format, the T20I's. I don't know if they'll tour in the upcoming season and get a chance to book the second spot solely for themselves, but Ishmael has also taken the least innings of all bowlers to get there. Atop, at 41 wickets, stands the legend that was Monte Morris.

Good luck to all sides for Season 50 and hope NAT-wise I can add my name to the list soon enough as well.
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Re: Windies Hall of Fame

Post by berksowl » Tue Jan 11, 2022 11:37 am

I didn't see individual Youth One Day records listed here, so here goes:

Batting -- Youth One Day
Most Runs = David Foster Wallace 1034
Highest Score = Giles Williams 134 (28 Nov 18)
Best Average (>10 Matches) = David Foster Wallace 64.62
Most 100s = 7 players each with 2 hundreds
Most 50s = 3 players each with 3 fifties
Most Ducks = Lear Humphreys and Peter Griffin 4

Bowling -- Youth One Day
Most Wickets = Don Carlo Gambino 47
Best Figures = Jason Hislop 7-40 (06 Mar 19)
Best Average (>10 Matches) = Edward Chandler 12.14
Most 5 Wicket Hauls = Deonarine Bayley 3
Most 3 Wicket Hauls = Don Carlo Gambino 9

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Re: Windies Hall of Fame

Post by Maiden50 » Wed Jan 12, 2022 9:26 am

Looks good guys, when I’m back from work and not on mobile I’ll add all this! I think at the time I did this YOD had only just started?
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