Upcoming changes EOS57 and EOS58

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Upcoming changes EOS57 and EOS58

Post by GM-crowfan65 » Mon Apr 01, 2024 2:08 am

Bots Improvement

Bots for many seasons have been an automatic win but that will change.
At the EOS57 fatigue will be reduced to passable and form improved to average. (Yths will rate mid 50k, Snrs around 100K)
At the EOS58 fatigue will be reduced to revived and form improved to reasonable. (Yths will rate approx 70k, Snrs around 110K)
The idea is to make them competitive and help the new players to learn about the game rather than get auto wins.
The MRs are very close to the min MR for div 4 where most of these bots will exist.
We can tweak the second instalment if we feel the need. This will be communicated as early as possible in Ssn58.

Whilst reviewing the code we have found a few things that are not working as intended.

1. Wicketkeepers had a reduction in their fielding capabilities. We can only guess that in the early days keepers were much better than their fielding counterparts, we don't believe that is the case anymore. We have tested it with a reduced amount so it matches the pass rate of equivalent fielders.

2. Opener Talent wasn't in line with other similar talents so this has been brought in line according to our thoughts.

3. When recruiting a seam or spin bowler the skill range was not set to be the same (only secondaries were different) so this has also been fixed.

Some minor changes to run rates (increased by approx 5%) and extras (NBs decreased, Wides increased) will also be installed during the EOS57.

Season 58

New Nat teams

At the end of season 58 these two teams will be joining our Nat ranks.
  • Afghanistan
  • Nepal
We anticipate that commencing with 16yo recruits that they may not actually be part of youth tours for possibly 7-8 seasons given it is 5 seasons minimum before the first ones start to turn 21. Senior tours will be another 7-8 or more likely before including the new teams. During this time they will be available for friendlies etc.
The random YR formula will be tweaked to include the new teams, each team giving up .6% to help accommodate these two.

Anyone who wants to help create a list of names, first names and surnames, are most welcome.
Even without them playing competitive matches we believe they should still have an experienced manager overseeing the setup.
More of this will be announced closer to the time.

New Leagues

At the end of season 58 these two countries will be getting leagues.
  • USA
  • UAE
As with all new countries, leagues will be filled from div 4 (given that's all we will have this time).
Promotion and demotion will be 4 up and 8 down so div 1 will be totally human by the 4th season.
Teams will be capped at 64 for the first season which is the total needed for a full human quota of teams in div 4.
First teams to apply will be those selected.
Things like gates, supporters, sponsorship and prizemoney will be as usual for the respective divs.

With the introduction of new countries and the recent poll on match times, the times for the new countries and the 5 changing times are as follows:

Code: Select all

UAE		06:00
Ireland		10:30
Netherlands	11:00
Zimbabwe	11:30
USA		13:00
West Indies	14:00
Canada		14:30

Applications to move will be set up in the first few days of Season 58.
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