Announcement for the end of next season (EOS58) Part 2

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Announcement for the end of next season (EOS58) Part 2

Post by GM-crowfan65 » Thu Feb 08, 2024 10:36 am

Part 2 of the little announcement with the 2 new teams joining Nats is to allow 2 of the current 4 teams without leagues to finally get their wish.
So from the EOS58, the end of next season we will be opening leagues in these 2 countries
  • USA
  • UAE _ (I can here the cries of joy from PB and co from here)
As with all new countries, leagues will be filled from div 4 (given that's all we will have this time).
Promotion and demotion will be 4 up and 8 down so div 1 will be totally human by the 4th season.
Teams will be capped at 64 for the first season which is the total needed for a full human quota of teams in div 4.
First teams to apply will be those selected.
Things like gates, supporters, sponsorship and prizemoney will be as usual for the respective divs.

More details will follow closer to the time
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