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Season 56
The removal of div5 for all countries bar Aust, Eng and Ind
The addition of the 'even' pitch.

Season 55
Skill plops - will now effect each skill a small amount each week rather than focus on one skill. Endurance will still be double. The amount will increase as a player ages from 30 to 34. There is a small random amount in addition to the base amount each week.
Off week - friendlies can now be played each day
Starting Squads - new teams will be allocated better players then before. Seniors team could rate as much as 120k and youths 80k.

Season 54
Additional friendlies can be played on Mon-Tue-Thur of the off-season week.

Season 52
Sponsorship - split sponsorship where half need to be earnt by either winning or meeting MR targets.
Academy merge - 1 academy for all players to train with the same % boosted.
Ticket Prices - raised slightly to help with the rising cost of wages .
Wage Discount - maximum loyalty discount increased to 12%.

Season 51
Admin Tool - Linked teams can now no longer bid on each other’s players saving much work for Admin.
Form tweaked slightly to try to reduce the bowler dominance.
Extras edited - reduce the amount of 4LBs and reduce the amount of NB and W
Starting supporters for new teams raised to 800.

Season 50
Squad limits- training penalty now at 25 players and penalty for every additional player raised to 7.5%
Finance - now capped at 30 mil to stop people stockpiling massive amounts of cash
Affiliate token - to allow non-members to run an affiliate
'Fire' button edited - replaced with retire.
Transfer 7-day rule - players bought from the transfer market now must be in your squad for 7 days before you can fire or resell
Nat Compensation - will increase to 50k for seniors and 20k for youths.

Season 47
Removal of div 6 and 7 from all nations
MKMC overhaul- with an extra round and top 1024 seeded.
Random form removed - form now based on Fantasy points, the more points the better form you receive.
Minimum squad wage - Minimum wage spend of 30k for seniors and 12k for youths.

Season 45
Search by age and weeks for TM and Nat searches added.
New landing page - Trialling a new landing page and registration page
Age by weeks all players will now age by weeks, aging a year at the 15 week mark.
Friendly youth cup - a youth KO cup to trial the feasibility of a Youth MKMC in the future.
Youth recruit nationality for non-members will now be random.

Season 44
Wednesdays Nat friendlies,
Game time sped up to 24s/ball
minimum ground capacity increased to 8000 for new sides and bots
squad jersey numbers 100 to 199 added.
Senior Training on Wednesdays

Season 43
PC rename - Pavilion Cup renamed after Ash to the Matt Krevs Memorial Trophy
Promotion age increased to 21.
Extra Competition added - Youth Twenty20 added to Mondays.
Youth OD game changed from Wednesdays to Thursday

Season 40
All youth recruits to be 16, the removal of 17yo recruits
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