Bermuda U19 Discussion & Requirements

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Re: Bermuda U19 Discussion & Requirements

Post by mewtwo » Wed Jan 22, 2020 9:24 am

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Player Info
16 years | 25,149 rating | $1,121 wage (5% discount)

Right hand batsman | Right arm Finger spin

Talents Skilled (Bowling), Gifted (Power)
Nationality Bermuda Bermuda
Form average
Fatigue rested
Experience dreadful
Captaincy ordinary
Skills Summary
Batsman poor
Bowler average
Keeper poor
Allrounder ordinary

This player is for sale
Deadline: 24 Jan 20 12:58

Starting Price: 99999999

Player Wage if Transferred: $1,180

Bank Balance: $7,370,399

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Batting poor Endurance ordinary
Bowling reasonable Technique average
Keeping poor Power dreadful
Fielding average

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