Youth Recruit History

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Youth Recruit History

Post by CactusMan » Mon Feb 03, 2020 10:57 pm

Hi all,

I was a bit bored at work today, and wanted to have a look at my youth recruitment history between my main and affiliate over the past two years (8 seasons). There's some interesting results, however I know that they won't be 100% accurate, as there are a few other variables to take into account. For example:
  • Original Rating wasn't returned for players that were 'retired', so I used their 'current rating' - the assumption here being that the current and original is the same if they are 'retired' as the bulk of them I fired. Reality here though, is that they could have been sold & fired later, or sold and the team went bot, etc.
  • I recorded whether the player was still in my Main/Affiliate, but my Affiliate is a youth farm so the quality requirements are a lot higher. The bulk of players (bar maybe one) in my Main team wouldn't make the cut for my Affiliate, so it's not a direct comparison (not apples v apples)
  • I used the measurement of whether the player is still "live" or not (AKA not retired). But this also doesn't take into account players who may have been fired by other teams, or were in teams that went bot, etc.
Anyway, if anyone's interested in having a look or discussing, or throwing up their own Recruitment history, I'd be keen to have a look or discuss it.

The interesting thing that I found between by main and affiliate teams is that I've been running a Lux YA for my Affiliate, and the Ratings have been higher on average over the past two years compared to my main by ~1,600 points. My Affiliate has had 12 players recruited over 30k ratings, where as my Main has had 4. There are only 18 players (out of 106) still 'alive' in my main, where as there are 32 over the same period still alive from my Affiliate. And some of those in my Main are only there because I don't have any better options and will be sold / fired in the next couple of seasons.

In the past two years, my Main has produced one player who has gone on to play Internationals (or who even has potential to play Int's), while my Affiliate has produced 4 Internationals, and has another 4 who could potentially be International's.

I've read that YA levels don't affect quality of Youth Recruits, but I'm starting to wonder if that's actually the case... ... sp=sharing
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Re: Youth Recruit History

Post by GM-crowfan65 » Mon Feb 03, 2020 11:30 pm

YR quality is effected by the level of the academy but because it is luck based it is something you can't necessarily rely upon.
Some people have had high level academies for a long time and feel they haven't given much return but then I know several people who say they have hardly had to buy a player if any since they started.
Also the likelihood of a relevant talent and/or a second talent for higher academies but I am yet to confirm this
I went to deluxe at the start of Ssn 40 and here is a graph of my players in that time
I kept 15, Sold 7 and retired 32

Youth Recruits.png

Also a summary of the ratings here

Code: Select all

<15k	15
15-20k	15
20-25k	13
25-30k	10
>30k	1
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Re: Youth Recruit History

Post by CactusMan » Tue Feb 04, 2020 2:37 am

Interesting. It would seem my Affiliate has been on a bit of a dream run these last two years!
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Re: Youth Recruit History

Post by Hellbound81 » Tue Feb 04, 2020 7:51 am

Good work. It is certainly a very interesting topic.

The youth academy for my main use to be at lavish for the most time, long before I created my affiliate, and I always managed to recruit the odd good player while many of the rest were well usable.

At one stage I downgraded it to superior due to financial struggles and in a way losing faith in the youth approach. Needless to say that my recruitment went down the toilet with the players I was getting, contrary to what many others here experience and claim.

Maybe I was just unlucky over that period, but my recruitment approach remained consistent for the most part.

Since then I went all out and upgraded my youth academy to deluxe level and have not looked back.

My affiliate is mainly used as a youth farm and also have deluxe level, but the irony is that I am getting more good players with it than with my main, even though I recruit at the same time.
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