Real live vs FTP

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Real live vs FTP

Post by Chrisgold » Tue Sep 10, 2019 8:25 am

So while the site is down I was wondering if anubody has ever experienced a real life from the pavilion moment.

I played a League game a couple years back in RL. our keeper thought the bat nicked the ball. He appealled vigourisly for five second then realized nobody was appealing with him so he stopped. It was end of over so he just calmly walked to the other end. I was supposed to bowl the next over but couldnt as I was laughing so hard imagining the FTP comentary line where the keeper appeals and then walks off and pretend nothing happened.

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Re: Real live vs FTP

Post by MD-Summit » Wed Sep 11, 2019 6:10 am

Best ive had was playing cricket in Year 10 playing super 8's. Commentary line would've gone

In comes the #9, got hit for 63 off his 4 overs earlier today, dropped 1 catch.

They are chasing another 12 to win.

First ball..... pitched short and hes hit it for 8 (super 8's) over square leg!
Even the batsman's stunned, has no idea what he just did.

Second ball... 4 to win..... pitched on a good length, bad ball
And hes played all around and its taken out off stump.

We lost by 4 runs
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