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WI's Youth Pull Comp (S.40) EOS Pull Prizes

Posted: Thu May 16, 2019 11:06 am
by desert7
In the coming days/weeks I hope to sort out the season 39 EOS West Indies Youth Pull prizewinners. Hopefully a list of winners for each category will be listed for the categories:
- best 16yo LH batsmen at EOS
- best 16yo RH batsmen at EOS
- best 16yo KB at EOS
- best 16yo Fast bowler at EOS
- best 16yo FM bowler at EOS
- best 16yo M bowler at EOS
- best 16yo Wrist Spinner at EOS
- best 16yo Finger Spin Bowler at EOS

I hope to pay all prizes out by mid June, but I need prizewinners to reply to let me know their choice of prizes ASAP after winners are announced...

Sometime after that list is FINALIZED the best 16yo overall player at End of Season (EOS) - picked from 1 of the above 8 players will be announced...

A provisional list to be picked from may be listed first for each of the 8 categories, before it is finalized...

Re: WI's Youth Pull Comp (S.40) EOS Pull Prizes

Posted: Thu May 16, 2019 11:25 am
by desert7
OK here's the contenders (listed in total rating points order):

Fast bowlers:
- Danraj Dare
- John Clarke
- Majid Joseph
- Thomas Hewitt
- Campbell Forde
- Allan Best (unlikely)
- Samar Bell (unlikely)
- Leslie Hobson

FM (very competitive)
- Alford Cotton
- Jonathan Edwards
- Ordelmo Watt (my pull, not qualified)
- Balkaram Allan
- Carlitos Wood
- Alexander Miles
- Stephen Patrick
- Wayne Ramjass
- Richard Campbell
- Rex Samaroo

Medium (very competitive):
- Daniel Chinsammy
- Arthur Maraj
- Shervin Wight (?which role?)
- Edward Browne (?which role?)
- Sherwin Hoax
- Jermaine Applethwaite
- Royston Thompson
- Adron Arrindell (?role?)
- Sam Mohamed
- Leonard Drayton
- Carl Williams
- Clayton Stayers
- Leonard Levine
- Victor Hussein
- Fred Sattaur
- Hallam Siloch
- Aucher Permaul

FS (competitive):
- Gladstone Smith
- Ramneresh Frank
- Nizam Grant (?role?)
- Colin Sylvester
- Leonard Racker (my pull, not qualified)
- Calvin Smith
- Dwayne Maynard
- Oswell Mellow
- Harold Mohammed

- Eric Williams
- Stuart Thomas
- Maurice Adams
- Joseph Lawrence
- John Ouckram


LH Bat:

RH Bat:

Re: WI's Youth Pull Comp (S.40) EOS Pull Prizes

Posted: Tue Aug 13, 2019 12:37 am
by desert7
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I still intend to sort out those unpaid prizes if FTP keeps going & to be honest my time permitting to work out winners for last season. I'm full on sorting out RL issues at moment...

Re: WI's Youth Pull Comp (S.40) EOS Pull Prizes

Posted: Wed Nov 06, 2019 2:27 pm
by desert7
OK, money and time are still issues. I'm still waiting for organizations and individuals to pay me basically. Once the money is in I will sort out when time. Looks like this will be after xmas the way things are, but a chance before. Very unlikely to be until after final tour at earliest...