September 11 Update

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September 11 Update

Post by GM-crowfan65 » Wed Sep 11, 2019 5:56 am

Skies have cleared and the covers are being removed

The umpires have checked the outfield and the pitch, play appears to be ready to resume shortly.

Thank you for the patience you have all had for the last 5 days.

We are happy to announce at around GMT 10:30 Wednesday the 11th of September will back up and operating correctly!

What Happened?

To be as honest as possible.
We are not 100% sure and are still investigating it. All we can advise at the moment is there was some file corruption which caused the server to become unresponsive and ultimately unable to start.

We suspect this was occurring for some time but came to a head last week.

As we have only just gained access to the server and how it operates we don’t have a great more understanding. With the rebuild we are learning much more about how the game functions technically and have more information to combat and diagnose these issues moving forward.

On a positive note, this will hold us in good stead moving forward and now sets us up to be in a better position to perform future upgrades and developments.

What’s Changed?

To the community, the only changes you will see instantly are based in and around the forum which has been updated to 2019.

Behind the scenes multiple things have changed and been upgraded relating to the server and DB support networks, as well as more fail safes in case of any other major issue that may occur in the future.

What Now?

The game has been reset to week 0. Finances run as a normal off week (no wages), still receive trainings, YP’s etc.

Transfers and friendly matches/competitions have been extended to 7 days from the initial transfer deadline.

Elections have been moved to this weekend and competition matches will begin the 17th of September.

What happens if I find a bug and/or error?

We have had access to the game for a number of hours and believe we have covered almost all areas to inspect for bugs and errors etc.
If you do find a bug please submit it via the help>report a bug menu option so we can raise a ticket and investigate it correctly.
Once again, we appreciate your patience in this matter and hope to see as many of you as we can enjoying FTP for as long as possible.

Regards, The Management Team
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